Atlantic Safety Products is a private, family owned company, involved in the manufacturing and distribution of disposable gloves.


In the summer of 1987, our founder, David Dillon Sr., embarked on a journey to establish a company dedicated to the production of disposable gloves. Recognizing the high demand for these products, the company rapidly expanded, soon becoming a trusted supplier for some of the nation's largest medical institutions. 

Now, after a successful 35-year journey, Atlantic Safety Products stands as a leading name in the industry, specializing exclusively in disposable nitrile gloves. The torch has been passed to the second generation of Dillons, with David Dillon Jr. serving as CEO and Robert Dillon as VP of Sales. Together, they are steering the company towards another prosperous 35 years. 

Our innovation took a significant leap forward 15 years ago when we revolutionized the automotive industry with the introduction of Black Lightning gloves. These were the first black nitrile exam gloves, and their impact was transformative. Before Black Lightning, the automotive industry had to make do with substandard medical rejects prone to frequent rips and tears. However, our collaboration with manufacturing partners to compound the raw material resulted in a glove that was not only incredibly strong but also comfortable enough to wear for extended periods without causing hand fatigue. 

In the last five years, the Dillon brothers have implemented strategic initiatives to align the company with the evolving opportunities in the automotive industry. These strategic decisions have ushered in an era of significant growth and exciting developments for Atlantic Safety Products. 

Our journey is far from over. We remain committed to innovation, growth, and the pursuit of excellence in all we do.
To create mutual value ...

What does that mean?

It’s very simple. We realize that you as a customer – consumer, distributor, private labeler, sales representative, etc. – have lots of options when choosing a hand protection partner.

In some cases your choice may be product specific – you prefer a specific brand. In other cases, however, it may be for an entirely different reason – you get the highest commission or most flexible terms, or easiest access, etc.

Either way, regardless of the reason, a choice was made because of a perceived value.

Maybe it was product, service, speed, access, etc. related – ultimately something tipped the scales.

This “something,” is what we’re talking about. Our mission, as an organization, is to make sure we take the time to understand what your “something” is and to then provide the best organizational fit possible -- ultimately creating mutual value.
Mutual value is the key to a successful partnership ...

Our mission is supported by our core belief in mutual value. We believe this is the key to establishing an effective lasting relationship between us and our customers – and one that quite honestly differentiates us from the majority of our competitors.

By focusing more directly on our customers’ needs and wants, ultimately what they value, we are able to more effectively and efficiently provide the solutions they need -- ultimately creating mutual value.

Our bond, something you can count on ... 

Mutual value and the right "fit". That is what you should expect from us. We will take the time to understand your needs and will the provide the best fit possible.

Designed with you in mind. We haven't mentioned it here but it's a big part of what we do. And it goes along with everything you've read above. Ultimately, it sums up who we are, what we believe and what we are trying to achieve. Though it is simple, it's effective and works and is what you should expect when working with us.



First and foremost, we are a disposable glove company. Sounds simple, maybe boring, but actually it is a huge market and a great space to be in. We love the fact that our target market is almost anyone and everyone! At some point in each person’s life they will require hand protection. Some need this protection daily, while for others, it is only an occasional need. Because of this huge opportunity, we will always have opportunities for growth.
In order for us to wrap our heads around this huge space and opportunity, we decided to break it down into smaller segments. 
Target Market Segments
Law Enforcement
The cool part. This is the stuff you see on how its made. Big equipment, lots of moving parts and modern technology to boot. For the most part disposable gloves are all produced the same way. But that doesn't mean they are all same.

Much of the difference found in disposable gloves is due to varying materials, requirements and specifications but it doesn't stop there. The chemical compounds used in production matter. The amount of filler used matters. And the quality of the washing process matters. These along with many other things all matter and they all have an effect on the end product.

This is why all gloves are not the same. And this is why it is important to educate yourself and find the right "fit" for your needs.


To the moon, Alice! ... 

Our sights are high.

We have made great strides in the automotive industry and have clearly established ourselves and our Black Lightning brand. 

Going forward, we are looking to further entrench ourselves in our target market segments and continue to build our compliment of brands. We are eager to tell our story and demonstrate our products and show current and future customers our 

Designed with you in mind way. 

Overall, we are excited. We feel we're well positioned in our market space and are very confident in our ability to provide our customers with something they can't get elsewhere.

We feel the right "fit" is a powerful message and be it product or service related, is tangible and has value. After all, it is "designed with YOU in mind."
Do they "fit" your hand? ... Do we "fit" your needs? 

In order to insure that we provide the right "fit" for our customers, we spend a great deal of time reviewing real scenarios and asking real questions -- we ask, we try, we test, we learn and so on.

This process helps us better grasp what is important. And, that appreciation helps us develop products and services that provide value.

We're not necessarily the cheapest nor the most expensive, we're certainly competitive, but honestly value in our eyes is so much more then cost. It's all about the "fit." Is it right? Is it "Designed with you in mind?"

Interestingly, in support of this view, the majority of the disposable glove wearers that we speak to, feel the right glove is much less about the cost and much more about "fit". They wear them all day, they depend on them and they appreciate value when they feel it.

To put it in perspective, is it really worth risking the health of your hands for what amounts to pennies a day? The answer is, no.

Along those same lines, our distribution partners, also seeking the right "fit," find value in an entirely different area. In their case, our value offering consists of both products and services equally.

They depend on providing their customers with quality value driven products but also need consistent reliable support and availability, quality dependable supply chain capabilities, strong marketing and promotion opportunities and attentive knowledgeable customer service capabilities. 

So, "fit" can mean many things. It can be about the products, the services or both. Either way, the key is to determine what is right for you.  
How much are your hands worth?

As an end-user, you are on the front lines. Be it regularly or irregularly, you have first hand experience with disposable gloves. That is exciting to us as it means we have the opportunity to impact your hand protection decisions going forward.

Now it may sound corny but we really do take this seriously. To many times we've seen an end-user too late, after the damage has already been done. In some cases, it wouldn't have mattered, but in other cases, it was avoidable and unfortunately was due to a lack of knowledge.

Disposable gloves really do have an intended use and we really can provide the right "fit."

So, with the safety of your hands in mind, take some time to learn about our products. Review their specs., take a look at there characteristics, features and functions. Learn about their capabilities, limitations and intended uses.

Realize their purpose and appreciate their value. And keep in mind, our focus is on YOU and our goal is to provide you with the perfect "fit." 

It is all here for you. Educate yourself.  

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A professional juggler!

Lot's of product's, lot's of priority's, lot's of juggling.

Distribution is not easy. We realize this and are here to help.  

Like everyone else, we think our goals and priority's should be your goals and priority's. We know that may not always be the case, but that is our target.  

To make this possible, we use our "designed with you in mind" philosophy and our right "fit" strategy to offer the relationship that best works for you.

Need special terms, extra support, marketing help? It's all on the table.  

So, we're not looking to give away the farm, but we are looking to work with you. And we do want you to sell our products.  

So, let us know what your looking for ... just maybe we can be your perfect "fit" and that will be one less ball for you to keep up in the air.

For more information on our distribution opportunities, reach out, we'd love to hear from you.
A scary endeavor.

We get it. Outsourcing is a tricky process. Choose the wrong partner and your in for a nightmare.

But we're here to tell you that it can really work, and it can really work well.

In most cases companies look to outsource their production because: 

  1. They don't have the expertise
  2. They don't have the capital
  3. They don't want to assume the risk
  4. Or, they want to focus on what they are good at
All of these are good viable reason for outsourcing and quite honestly in most cases make outsourcing a requirement rather then a preference.

So, with that in mind let's move forward with the idea that your here because you need a production partner. That being the case, you've come to the right place.

As we said above, outsourcing your production can really work well and can provide significant benefits with regards to focusing your resources.

Producing disposable gloves is a resource intensive process. Regardless of whether you own the factory or contract with them, the production process will require a significant investment in the resources necessary to insure a reliable supply of product - these resources/skill sets include:

Knowing varying cultures, work ethics and practices
Verifying quality, standards and expectations
Understanding specifications, guidelines, production techniques and operational procedures
Controlling supply chain, lead times and capacity
Understanding packaging, loading and shipping
Managing currencies, exchange rates and funding
Handling problems, returns and warranties.
The list is long, so this is where we come in. Let us take that headache off your hands so you can focus on what you're good at - building your brand. Honestly, we're doing it anyway.

We have factories all over the world producing product for us and we have already made the investment necessary to insure a reliable supply.

I realize that you don't know us from Adam and only time will tell, but if you're thinking about moving forward, you really should give us a call. We're easy to work with and good at what we do.

For more information on our private label opportunities, get in touch with us, we'd love to hear from you.
More than just another line ...

You've got enough to worry about without another line to carry, right? We don't think so. We approach our sales representatives (aka manufacturers representatives) differently.

We're not here to beat you up, nor do we expect miracles or for you to go it alone.

We're here to support you. To give you the tools and resources necessary to spread our message.

That could be anything from aggressive compensation opportunities to marketing and training resources, to real time (or close to it) sales data. Ultimately, we won't hold you back.

But, in fairness to us, it needs to be a two way street. With all the support we're willing to extend, we expect results. We are not looking for order takers. We want hustlers and we want results.

That doesn't mean we have unrealistic expectations. We realize that disposable gloves may be a small percentage of your business and your customers expenditures.

So, as we said earlier, we don't expect miracles but what we may lack in dollars per unit, we more than make up for in lifetime volume.

Think about it. If you are interested in representing a company that is doing things a little different, and has the vision and products to support it, check in with us. We just might be the right "fit" for you.

For more information on our sales representative opportunities, contact us, we'd love to hear from you.